Tour of Flanders! Huge crowds along the roads! Steep hills! Cobblestones! Cycling Freaks! Belgium!

A life where cycling is the true center. That’s the perfect way to describe our CEO Jochim Aerts. He was bitten by the cycling bug as a young guy. Born in Belgium and raised in a true cycling-minded family. Those are the ideal ingredients to let your passion evolve into a way of life. 
Ridley is based in the heart of cycling: Belgium, Flanders. Cycling classics and endless amount of kermesse races - this is the place where you learn what cycling is all about. 
We have a wind tunnel next door, dozens of small and bigger cycling companies around us and cycling genes in every employee. We live cycling. We breathe cycling. That’s something you feel in every pedal stroke, in every turn, in every climb and every descent. 
Ridley bikes are born from this passion: Designed, meticulously painted and assembled in the heart of the world’s cycling hot spot 

We are Belgium
We are Belgian Tough
We are #BeTOUGH

Ridley Bikes and framesets are either held in our store, at our British supplier or come straight from Belgium to us depending on the model and spec. If the bike you want is at Ridley HQ in Belgium then it usually takes 3 weeks to get to us then we need to assemble it, check it and final polish it for you. Before packing and posting to you. Or if you're close enough you can pop to our store for collection and any final adjustments. 
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