What is an Electric Bike (e-bike)?

An Electric Bike(or e-Bike) is a bicycle which has a battery and a motor. The battery can be charged from a regular domestic power point. The battery powers a pedal assisted motor i.e. you still pedal but the motor helps you out, especially on hills and when carrying extra weight if you're transporting shopping or work gear.

Electric Bike Benefits

E-bikes allow you to experience all the amazing benefits of cycling but with the bonus of added assistance when you need it:

GOOD for the ENVIRONMENT – No emissions!, lower your carbon footprint. 

GOOD for your HEALTH – E-bikes enable you to exercise at a level which suits you, allowing you to adapt the power assistance to suit your needs.

Need a little assistance riding up hills?
Want to keep up with your friends?
Want to travel that bit further than usual?
Want to get to work without polluting the atmosphere and without getting sweaty?

GOOD for your pocket – No fuel costs, doesn't need taxing or insuring, low maintenance costs.

GO that extra MILE – Perhaps you are not as proficient cyclist as your friends? Maybe you are starting your journey to improved fitness? Perhaps you are less able than you used to be but still want to participate and enjoy cycling? With an e-bike you can select the level of assistance you need so you can tailor the support to your needs. 


Join the trend in people ditching their cars completely – no more tax, mot, insurance & fuel costs – and replacing their primary mode of transport to an e-bike.

Your town

Sudbury is a beautiful market town with a great community and stunning countryside surrounding it. Being a local business and residents of Sudbury, we at Torque Bikes are very aware of the concerns around traffic congestion, fuel emissions & parking challenges. Whilst our town clearly suffers from the impacts of through traffic, it is also known that much of these issues are caused by short journeys from local residents.

What can we all do to have a positive impact on our town? We need to use our cars less for shorter journeys. There are lots of reasons people choose to use their cars:

· Time
· Lack of public transport
· Having to transport shopping or goods

E-bikes offer a fantastic alternative and solve all these problems.

E-bikes have a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour, with the flexibility to avoid traffic jams will mean you can make journeys quicker than in cars! Your bike is always available, no need to fit in with bus timetables, use taxi’s or rely on others, hop on, power up and off you go! Due to the power assistance you can transport your shopping with minimal effort. Pannier racks and bags can be fitted to most e-bikes which give you loads of storage on the back of the bike – with options for other storage available for handlebars and frames to increase capacity.

At Torque Bikes we are experts in cycling, cycle maintenance and repair. Using your local shop is not only great for the local economy but also means you have access to our fantastic range of products and services on your doorstep, access to our expertise, enthusiasm and passion for cycling. So we can help kit you out and advise on every aspect of riding and looking after your e-bike.

All our products, bikes and e-bikes are from well-known brands, selected for quality, reliability and are beautifully designed. We have great after sales support & service and all bikes have warranty and support direct from the brand.