Electric Bikes

Juicy Roller e-bike  

Electric Bikes are growing in popularity and its clear to us why this is happening, the UK public are beginning to see the opportunity to incorporate more cycling into their lives with these power assisted & rechargeable cycles.  There are health, social, environmental and cost benefits to be had, please read our Electric Bikes page for more details of why this mode of transport could be perfect for you.

We have a range of electric (e-bikes) available at Torque Bikes for all cycling styles and tastes.  

Orbea Bikes have a stunning range of electric bikes which have all the benefits of an e-bike but cleverly engineered and designed to be as close to a normal road bike, mountain bike, urban bike or leisure bike as you can get.

Ridgeback also offer a great range of electric bikes with a more middle price range, a range of styles to choose from you won't be dissapointed with these great quality bikes from a great brand.  These bikes will be on our website soon!!

Juicy Electric Bikes are lower-cost but high quality e-bikes, with a choice of step-through (Dutch Style), sporty hybrids, commuter and folding bikes, starting from £949, these bikes are getting amazing reviews and are a great choice if you want a great looking, reliable, comfortable and affordable e-bike. Browse our range of Juicy Bikes.
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