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Orbea have been making race and recreational bikes since 1930 in the Basque country in Spain. Orbea's experience in manufacturing has allowed them to continue to make some of the best quality bikes in Europe. Early experience and winning race results in road and cyclo cross, defined Orbea for decades. In the 90's Orbea saw the emerging sport of mountain biking and produced quality bikes for the sport from the near beginning. Now Orbea excels in most genres of bikes, most recently adding electric bikes to their award winning portfolio. 

One great thing about Orbea is that because they manufacture and paint in Europe they can offer bikes to order where you can select your desired stem length, bar width, crank length etc. for no extra cost and without much or any delay to delivery time. On a lot of bikes you can also choose to upgrade certain components so that you get the complete bike you want from the off. On some bikes Orbea also offer their excellent MyO program, where you can have a custom paint job for no extra cost!