Workshop is what we do and what the business is and has always been built around. Whether you’re spending a few quid on a gear adjust or hundreds of pounds on a top level service, with a few upgrades, we want your bike to function not only as good as it possibly can, but better than you thought it could! 

Safety Check - FREE
We want everyone to enjoy a safe cycling experience, that is why we offer a free safety check to anyone. During this check we will look at your bike and let you know if any areas require attention and provide you with a quote for what it would cost to get put right. We can then schedule in the work to be done if any is needed.

Basic Service - £45
Our Basic Service is ideal if you have left your bike unused for a while, are an occasional rider or if you think your bike is in reasonable condition but would like the reassurance of a full safety check and adjust. This service includes brake adjustment, gear adjustment, basic wheel true, safety check, torque of all components and chain clean and lubrication. It will be returned to you working as best it can with all the original components.

Classic Service - £90
We recommend at least this service once a year to keep your cycle performing at its best and safely. The standard Classic service includes the full basic service plus new gear and brake industry standard inner cables, as well as both wheels being removed and trued professionally in the wheel building jig. This offers significant savings over having all these jobs done individually.
N.B. There is a £20 surcharge for both brakes being bled on a hydraulic system.

Superior Service - £160
In this service we strip everything off the frame and all mechanical parts are checked, cleaned, lubricated and re-installed. All bearings in the hubs, headset and bottom bracket are degreased, checked and packed back with fresh grease. Both wheels are trued and finally new inner and outer cables are fitted and adjusted. This leaves your bike as it was when it was new (maybe even better!!). This service really leaves no stone unturned and is fantastic value for money.  N.B. There is a £10 surcharge for bar taping if needed on a road bike and a surcharge of £20 for both brakes being bled on a hydraulic system.
Our classic and superior service prices include industry standard gear and brake cables. If your bike has come with components that require a better grade of cable to operate at the optimum or you wish to upgrade the cables that you had originally a surcharge will apply. We will talk you through this and not just assume you know so that there are no surprises when you come to pay.
 E-bike diagnostic check and update - From £35
We can plug in, check for error codes and carry out any recommended software and firmware updates from most of the big manufacturers including: Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Brose, Ebikemotion and Sportdrive. 

We are very proud of the work we do in our workshop and no job is too big or too small. Whether you need a full service, inner tube replaced, a new wheel built or Di2 diagnostics, we have all the tools and expertise to assist you with everything you need.
We will always provide you with a quote for parts and accessories and if we discover anything extra while working on your cycle we will contact you and discuss options before proceeding so you are not greeted with an unpleasant suprise.
Please contact us to book in any work to be done! We endeavour to do quick jobs on the spot if we have time and we will also take in bikes that have been brought into us without booking in if we the space. But to ensure that we have time to do the job and space to store your bike safely please contact us via phone, email or social media and let us know when you need the bike for and as much info as possible about the work to be carried out. This way we can manage all manual work and not let anyone down. The worst thing would be to bring your bike down to leave for a big service and we just don't have the space to store it!

Fitting of non Torque Bikes parts

Please note there is an additional charge added if you are supplying parts of your own for us to fit. Its 10% of the rrp of the product provided and we also can't guarantee the work.