1. To show how cycling and its posture can have an effect on different parts of the body

  2. To teach ways to breathe more effectively whilst in and out of the saddle to enhance performance

  3. To teach beginning postures and a sequence for pre-cycle and post cycle

  4. To teach the importance of relaxation as an integral part of training using progressive muscle relaxation technique.

Learning outcomes; by the end of the workshop the student will;

  1. understand how cycling can bias a flexion posture in the spine and how holding unnecessary tension affects muscle action and performance

  2. have learnt how they can breathe in different parts of their chest whilst riding/training

  3. have carried out postures which encourage full range of movement of the spine and enhance extension and rotation in areas under tension

  4. have carried out and understood the importance of incorporating a relaxation technique into your training (PMR)

Equipment required for workshop:

Workshop itinerary 6.45 – 9.00

6.45      Introductions and outline; ATTENDANCE SHEET TO SIGN.

7.00     Practical lie on the mat; enquiry; note how much tension do you hold after a day’s work? How aware are you of the shape you adopt? How easy is it to relax? When do you cycle? Does the cycling posture encourage same posture as the days activity? Do you have backache?

7.15     Fascia and fixing talk; how cycling can fix certain areas, use of fascia ball in addition to hamstring stretches, use of spine and posters. Practical and talk

7.30      Talk how our breathing apparatus is affected by cycling.

7.45-8.00    Practical. How to carry out different ways to breathe in the saddle/training; more oxygen. Breathing through the nose. Upper/lateral/abdominal. Practical and talk, use of strap

.00-8.50    Using yoga postures to mobilise, elongate and free up tension for efficient performance. Practical; postures and sequence, use of ball

8.50      RESTORATIVE/RELAXATION; progression muscle relaxation


Part 2 in a separate workshop 1 month- 6 weeks later will consist of discussion of use of yoga since last workshop, longer practical with different emphasis on other muscle groups. Reinforcing pre-sequence warm up and learning more post cycling static stretches as on information sheet provided.